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Anybody can write fluffy, waffle ridden web content. Fiverr and Five Squid will offer 300 word pieces on Kittens, Sandwiches or Unicorns . . . .  but we will write excellent content based on Property Investment, Electroless Surface Treatment of Metals or . . . . Equestrian Dentistry. We will cover subjects such as:

Zap SEO can provide useful, informative, detailed, professionally written web content on just about any subject, based around keywords of your choosing. This page relates to On and Off Site Web Content which may be authored in support of your site. Click on the above topics to see example articles.

Web Content Subjects

Web content is typically far too restrained. A website selling shoes would do well to include pages on "The History of Shoes", "Shoes in the Third World" or "3 Novel Uses for Shoes" these pages which are of course relevant to the sites primary topic, would give the excuse to include 3 more instances of the word "shoes" on every page of the website, as well as associated linked thumbnail pictures etc.

In this way hundreds of informational and "news" type pages can be added to a site which as well as providing relevant key words, often create useful land pages for social media campaigns as they are more interesting to potential customers than a particular pair of felt soled duck hunting boots in last seasons colour.

Some ideas for other site are as follows:

The only limit here is your (or our) imagination, and we have a limitless supply of that. You might think that this kind of content is restricted to social media. But it is far better to spend time building valued web resources on your primary website, than it is to waste time on social media posts that will not stand the test of time.

Web Content Structure

Typically we would implement a tip of the iceberg approach where key business pages such as home page & contacts are "propped up" by a myriad of parallel content pages that will only be found through detailed site navigation or directly through Google.

The only slight problem with introducing parallel content pages is that sometimes they become more popular than product or service pages on a website. In this instance they may be displayed as Google Sitelinks, so if you are running a serious business such as an Environmental Consultancy this will mean that you may wish to stick to serious topics. . . which will mean no Fluffy Unicorn Stories I am afraid. For a serious relevant topic in this instance we might suggest "Air Quality Implications of Small Scale Urban Energy Co-Generation".

Luckily the World is your lobster as with the bulleted ideas above, there would be no harm in having a section on a website selling children clothes that list popular children's games, with instructions etc.

Images as a Part of Web Content

Images are an excellent way to gain recognition in search rankings. Google Image Search is used by many to search for subjects as well as the images themselves. Google Image Rankings are independent to Page Listings, and as such add another way in which you can gain trust. A good image can receive as many hits as a good page.

An image should be original, appropriately sized (in terms of file size and page spread), it should respect multiple users (mobile or desktop) and it should be relevant to the content of the page.

It is very much worth taking your own photographs to include in your website. Stock photographs are unlikely to stand out from the crowd. It is very easy to identify a stock image, most people are indifferent about stock images and if you would like your website to succeed we need to go one better than indifference.

Where Will Zap SEO Deliver Web Content?

We will deliver this service to anywhere in the world. We can apply content directly to your website (given permissions) for examples through content management systems such as wordpress or joomla. Or we can provide plain text files or html code. In short we will provide what ever you would like "can't" is a word we avoid.

Why Do Zap SEO Write Content?

Content is the single most important aspect of improving your Google Ranking, but most people are too busy to write their own content, as they have a business to run this is why we offer to do it for you.

We also employ intelligent people to make sure that the content is good quality. We employ Scientists, Historians, Artists and Mathematicians to ensure that your content has some grit. Most people are perfectly capable of writing their own content, after all who knows your business better than you? But on the other hand some may prefer to outsource this effort to others.

What Web Content do Zap SEO Author?

Anything you jolly well like. We can do exactly what we are told, or we can ad-lib. We can provide a list of ideas for you to choose from . . . . the options are limitless. Just drop us a line.