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Keyword Difficulty

If we were watching a group of sharks feeding we typically see the majority of the group fighting to get the best share. However, you may notice a  couple of the group waiting below for any scraps that may come there way. These scraps are much easier to snap up with minimal effort. There are also sharks swim off to find a new meal!

So there are 3 strategies to adopt:

Picking Your Keywords

First off we have to pick our keywords and the best place to do this is the Google Keyword Planner. Here you will see an easy to use interface where you can learn about how popular your chosen keyword is, and perhaps explore some alternative keywords in the process.

Running a SEO campaign for a popular key word, or difficult keyword, is no small task. You are hit on two fronts (Organic and Paid) and in both instances you will have to fight for your share of good listings, expending effort (Organic) and Money (Paid) to fight you way on to the top page. 

The image to the right shows a keyword search for "Groceries". If we are building a new business what might we choose for a best chance of sucess?

We can broadly group the results in to 4 categories: Niche (2), Locational (4), Online (10) and Branded (9).

Competition for Niche, Locational, and Brand related keyword is low. However online related keywords come with higher competition.

Let is pretend we wish to set up an online grocery shopping business (10).

We could put high effort in to winning a share of that keyword's traffic or we could try and see if there is something more niche.

Note: The results also show you how much you can expect to pay for advertising per click.
tiger_nut_milk In an ideal world we would find a keyword that would be low in competition and have a high search volume, we would then base our webpage or website around that keyword. But it is hard to find a keyword that is both popular and underused.  However a top level keyword that may align with your domain is only the beginning of you keyword work.

Each page can be optimized for different keywords: For example you online grocery store may sell alternative milks, here in this relatively new sector there are opportunities to innovate and find some keywords with lower competition. For example Google does not even hold data for Tiger Nut Milk, which is a damn fine alt milk. So for you online grocery business that is fresh low competition areas that you could move in to.

Using your Keywords

Once you have identified an opportunity, and chosen a few good keywords with a low competition you can occupy some web real estate at a comparatively lower effort. Remember that content is very important. Spend time writing a very good page, if you are selling Tiger Nut Milk for example perhaps include section at the bottom of the page on: "What is a Tiger Nut?", or "Where do Tiger Nuts Come From?".