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Google Ranking

To start: We are not affiliated with Google in an way. We can not offer you exclusive services that other people cannot. However, we will work very hard and efficiently to improve your Google Ranking, using every "White Hat" technique at our disposal. Choosing you key words, or key phrase right at the beginning of authoring you content is very importamnt.

According to some experts there are over 200 variables that add together to work for or against your ranking or position on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

These 200 variable are likely designed by humans, but implemented by machines - Algorithoms.

SEO Algorithms

An algorithm is just a set of instructions, carried out by a computer. So in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) the machine might have an instruction to move your site UP the list if there is:

On the flip side it may have an instruction to move your site down the list if there is:

So in this way your listing goes up and down the list, and unless you push to make it better it will very unlikely make first page, unless you do something very unusual!

Content Content Content . . . CONTENT

This site is written so as to be as helpful as possible. Even if you do not want to do business with us, we are writing a useful site that people will find educational (hopefully). This is the number one way to get people to view your site, the most unusual content if helpful will do very well, for example a page describing how to fix something or how to learn a new skill can receive 10,000s of views.

Things like typos and spelling mistakes do not help. A page should not only be written so it is clear for the reader, but also for the computers who read it! For example if you were to look at the code for this page you would see that the page title and sub-titles are labeled as such in the code. This helps the computers reading the page understand it.

Images are also a good way to work up the listing if well labeled. The file name of the image should describe what is in the image (3 or 4 words max) and you often find that well labeled images rank well in Google Image Searches before the actual web page does.

So above ALL else make sure you have good content. Unique, Useful and Clearly Written.

Advertising - Paid or Organic

There are two ways to get to the top of the page on Google. Paid Advertising or Organic Search.

Paid Advertising requires setting up a Google Adwords Account or the relevant alternative for Yahoo or Bing. This is quick but expensive, expect to pay £500 a month for a bottom of range advertising campaign for a small business.

With an Organic Listing you are still "paying" for your listing in the time it takes to up keep it. However, you do not pay per click, as you would with paid advertising. There is also the bonus that a savvy web user will know that an Organic Listing is a more trustworthy choice.

So in terms of cost and reputation Organic Listings as a form of advertising stands head and shoulders above the competition, the paid alternatives.