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Using "My Maps" for SEO

This a quick example of how you can use Google "My Maps" to boost SEO. Even if the SEO boost in this instances comes from adding fresh content to your website, then it is worth doing. And it can also produce some useful metrics to help you plan advertising.

Following the Data Protection Act 2018, there may be some problems in using the data we are about to discuss, so be careful not to slip up with regards to liabilities there.

The basic premise of this technique is to create a Google "My Maps" Map which describes to people (an Google Bots) where you work, and or who you customers are. Fort the below map we are describing where an Environmental Consultancy  has undertaken jobs, relative to regional offices.


This is a simple to initiate piece of web design, that gives potential customers and Google Bots a strong indication of your service area. The process is quite simple, you can cut and past a list of client postcodes (which cover a postcode area rather than a specific address) in to the input fields the maps you are building.

You can create a map like the one above in perhaps 5 or 10 minutes if the data in question is in a readily usable format. If you have to manually enter the data it can take a few hours.

This data can then manipulated further to produce heat maps, and other attractive methods of displaying data.