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Ranking on Google Maps

There is only one thing better for a local company than coming at the top of the organic search results, and that is coming at the top of the local "pack". If we were to search for Environmental Consultants in London, from the top down we see Paid Adverts, a Map and then the Local Pack. The local pack is a great place to be. It offers maximum exposure for Local Businesses.

But how do you optimize your web site to make sure you get in the Local Pack? The answer is that you spend lots of time making sure all of the information is included whether as code or location specific content.

Content Content Content

Content on your Maps Listing and your Website should be optimized for Ranking on Google Maps:

Your Google Maps Listing

Make sure your listing is perfect. Add everything that can be added. Keep Everything Updated. For Google this is a relatively easy and intuitive process through "Google My Businesses" as with most "profiles" there is a percentage complete indicator so you should know when you are done:

Your Website

Content should be regionally specific. If you have shops or offices in specific locations then make sure your content (case studies or product description) mentions these places where relevant.


A recent addition to the Google Maps side bar is "posts" this is an excellent place to share offers and updates with potential customers & clients. These again are accessed and edited through "Google My Businesses". You can add images and also a link to a relevant page on your website.


Sites like Trip Advisor soon taught us the value of good reviews. However, most miss a beat when it comes to reviews on Google Maps. Now! What could be better than being at top of the local pack . . . . being at the top of the local pack with 5 Orange Stars next to your company name. Priceless. It is well worth incentivizing your customers to leave a review, you can not pay them as this is in breach of Google's terms and conditions.

Via Google My Businesses you can now choose a custom link, which can be copied and pasted in to footers of emails, or in to web text which creates a direct path for customers and clients to leave a review on you Google maps listing.

Multiple Listings

In order to rank on Google Maps you need a physical address to use in the listing. So unless you own multiple sites you will be limited to one listing, although there are a few ideas we have that can help with this.

A Tale of Two Cities . . . and a Village

Google Maps listings are fantastic if you are based in a City . . most folks when they search online will type "Product & Place" i.e. what they want, and where they want it.

Now depending on the type of service or product they are looking for they may aim small or big. If they are searching for a corner shop they may type in their nearest village (groceries Sandwich), but if they are searching for something a little larger. . . perhaps a supermarket, then likely they will search their nearest city or town (supermarket Canterbury). This is all well and good if you are small and based in a village, or large and based in a town. But! What if you provide a service that people associate with towns and cities but are based in the countryside? People will not likely search for Lawyers in a Village, or a Museum in the Rural Wilderness. . .so how to you get around this? We have various solutions we can implement on your behalf, some of these revolve around creating custom Google maps, using "My Maps" and embedding them in you website.