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About Zap SEO

Zap SEO is a UK based company who help you get a better listing on the major search engines. We do not want to confuse you with a lot of jargon, we do not want to work for you indefinitely. Our aim is to improve your search engine rankings, whilst educating you how to do it for yourself. There is a lot to learn, and it is important to start out on the right foot. You will not find any complicated information on these pages, the fact is most people can work on their own website (even at code level) to improve rankings, you just have to be very careful. Most however are pressed for time, and hopefully that is why you will ask Zap SEO to help out.

If you are researching how to do your own SEO, and have come across this site because of its useful content, then we wish you the best of luck. Help yourself. In fact we have written a DIY SEO Start-Up Guide to help to get started.

Website Design and SEO

Whilst the "look" of your website is important for first impressions, it is far more important to have people actually using your website. Usability and accessibility of your Website's Content are far more important than the "look" of the website, when it comes to SEO. Search Engines do not measure how beautiful your website is, factors such as Page Speed count more.

Reading this page is proof that a simple page with the right kind of SEO effort applied will put you in front of customers. This page has no animations, no images, and no fancy menus but still, here you are reading it. So this goes to show that SEO is much like an iceberg with much of the effort going on below the surface.

How to Succeed with SEO

To get a good ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo takes a long time. If a company is offering you a quick fix, the chances are that the effects won't last, or they don't know what they are doing. There are many, many reasons why your search engine ranking may creep up the listings, but if we were to simplify they are based around "trust". Search Engines need  to trust your website in order for it to rank well. But how do you build this trust? Well there is no quick way we are sorry to say:

  1. Age of Domain
  2. Website Content
  3. Number of Links to Website
  4. Popularity
  5. Quality of Coding
  6. Page Load Speed
  7. Search Engine Specific Coding

All these things and many more (some estimate around 200) factors go towards building up a trustworthy website. It's a long and painstaking job.

Measuring SEO Success

If you commission Zap SEO to help out then we will provide you with quarterly updates on the performance of your website. Our success is completely measurable.

The Final Word. . . Content

Perhaps the single most important factor with regards to SEO is quality content. If people want to read your pages then your site will succeed. Content is King.

Content should be considered at all times, and any other method used to enhance rankings should never overshadow clear, useful content. That is why at zap-seo we focus on content above all else. We can tutor you how to write better content. We will write content for you. We will strive to understand what you do so we can generate the best content possible.

Anybody can write contents based on Kittens, Sandwiches or Unicorns . . . .  but we will write excellent content based on Property Investment, Surface Treatment of Metals or . . . . Equestrian Dentistry, useful, informative detailed content on just about any subject.

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