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Back Links

In the early days of the Web, the number of back links a site had, influenced its ranking significantly. However this lead to some pretty weird search results because the site that ranked highest was not the best page. It just had the most links.

People abused this aspect of SEO, and soon people were using link farms to point thousands of irrelevant links to pages they were promoting. This does not work anymore. Links have to be very carefully used, a quality article written on an external website might support 1 or 2 links to your parent site. Any more would risk penalisation.

We can provide training so you can start creating your own back links. We can create back links for you. We never outsource back link creation to their firms of giggers, as back links have the potential to do as much harm as good, if improperly managed. We would maintain it is always best to provide backlinks from resources that are your property. This might be a Blog that we would start for you, or a separate website that offers information written to be attractive. 


A blog is a very low skill way of creating a set of pages (or posts) that you control. No software is required and the hand over is simple come the end of our agreement. Images, Videos and Text can be added and edited easily. We would recommended Google's own Blogging platform "Blogger". A 200 to 300 word piece on any subject can be used to hold a link or two to your main business website.

Blogs can hold irrelevant information, with regards to your website or they can hold relevant information. Both work in terms of back linking. Blogger offers a handy feature where a RSS feed can be generated from recent posts, and these display automatically on your website. Therefore when you update you blog, your website gets a boost too.

For Builders, Architects, Fashion Designers & Gardeners a "Project Blog" is a great low skill way of keeping your clients informed of what you are doing. Their content management systems would incorporate a blog in to your main website, but this often complicates access and editing. For example one would not hesitate to give an employee log in details for a blog, but perhaps not to the main company website! There be dragons!


It is generally better to put all content on your main site, but sometimes this is not practical or desirable. For example some businesses may operate on a confidential basis, and so writing about projects in an open manner on your company website may not be applicable. Instead perhaps you could write informally about your industry in general on a separate website, information for school leavers for example considering a career in your field. This informal but relevant content can then use to hold one of 2 back links per page to your main business website.


There are 100's of ways to generate sneaky back links. But we would not use these. Google or the little algorithms that run it nowadays are very clever. If you try to do something that is "black hat" they will know and your ranking will suffer. We have witnessed this first hand as in the closing days of "Bulk Back Linking" some sites would disappear altogether.

A few links from quality independent content are OK, but we would never push our luck! Quality Web Content that's the ticket.